21ViaNet and China Telecom Build Cloud Success with Intel® Xeon® Processor 5600 Series

itc_cs_chinatelecom_xeon_carousel_preview.jpgTwo Chinese companies are climbing to cloud computing success thanks to Intel® Xeon™ processor 5600 series.

Focused on R&D and business applications for cloud computing services, 21ViaNet launched China’s first business computing service platform, providing Internet infrastructure services to customers. To improve its service and reduce operating costs, 21ViaNet upgraded to servers with Intel Xeo processor 5600 series with a cloud computing model using Intel® Virtualization Technology. The advanced virtualization features have doubled the computing performance of older-generation processors.

“The significant advantage and superior performance provided by Intel® Virtualization Technology and the computing performance of the Intel Xeon processor 5620 meet our needs to upgrade our cloud computing platform servers and enable us to deliver an Internet infrastructure service to our customers with a cloud computing mode while reducing costs and improving services at the same time,” explained Jiang Jianping, CTO of CloudEx Technology Co., Ltd., the division that operates the business cloud computing service platform.

China Telecom urgently needed to implement cloud computing research and optimize its data center to reduce operating costs and energy consumption. Incorporating Intel® Data Center Manager into its cloud computing experimental platform, which was based on the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series, laid a solid foundation.

“Built on the Intel Xeon processor and Intel Data Center Manager, China Telecom’s cloud computing prototype experimental platform utilized the improved computing and energy-efficient features of the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series and provided reliable testing data for the scaled deployment of China Telecom’s cloud computing framework,” said Ding Shengyong, project manager for China Telecom.

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