A New Perspective on the Client-Aware Cloud

Today, it seems like the majority of cloud computing discussion has focused on the data center. The end point, or client device, is often treated as more of an afterthought. My goal is to give you a different perspective on why, even for cloud based applications, the device you choose matters.

What does it mean to be Client Aware?

Simply put, "client aware" means that cloud based applications or services are able to recognize and take advantage of the capabilities of the end point device. Why does this matter? Organizations typically support broad range of applications. And many of these applications are becoming increasingly graphs and processor intensive. The growing need for security is also driving increased use of processor intensive encryption and decryption. One option is to rely solely on the cloud based data center to power the delivery of these applications. Another option is to optimize application delivery by taking advantage of the combined performance of the end point device and the cloud based to support these applications. By ensuring their cloud based applications are client aware, enterprises are able to take advantage of this more balanced approach.

The end point you choose matters

For cloud-based applications, it's important to look beyond availability metrics and consider the end-user experience. Most clouds are designed without any thought to the end point device. Yet, with larger screens, better graphics, stronger security and faster performance, some devices are clearly more capable than others. By taking advantage of the capabilities of the end point device, IT maintains a more flexible infrastructure with the ability to optimize application delivery and end user experience.

Making it happening

Intel is enabling this capability by delivering a series of web based APIs that enable applications to comprehend characteristics of the end point including network bandwidth, processor performance and available battery life.

For an overview of the topic, download the whitepaper on the benefits of a client-aware cloud.

To go deeper, download the APIs that enable client detection at http://software.intel.com/sites/whatif/webapis/.

To see how one application takes advantage a client aware infrastructure take a look at the video "Cloud Computing & The Web: Intel Web API for the Client Aware Cloud."

As you begin migrating applications to the cloud and want to make them client-aware, be sure to contact Intel with any questions. We'll be here to help.