A Refreshing Take on Turbo Boost

If you missed it last week at CES, Intel launched a new line of Intel Core processors and had Mia Hamm show how Turbo Boost worked through a very cool exercise demonstration.  Check it out one of the write-ups here (among many others on the web):  http://scoop.intel.com/2010/01/exercise-your-core-mia-hamm-core-street-teams-niketown-run-more.php

It reminds me of another blog from last March when we launched the Xeon® 5500 platform that was the first line of CPUs to support Turbo Boost (http://communities.intel.com/community/openportit/server/blog/2009/03/30/a-heart-to-heart-talk-on-turbo-boost)

…but hey, it doesn’t matter if you’re running, playing soccer, or working out on an some exercise machine – since it’s the beginning of the year, make a New Year’s resolution to have your servers get some more exercise with Turbo Boost – they’ll thank you for it.