Accepting the CORAL Challenge—Where Collaboration and Innovation Meet

By Dave Patterson, President, Intel Federal LLC and Vice President, Data Center Group, Intel

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) CORAL program (Collaboration of Oak Ridge, Argonne and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories) is impressive for a number of advanced technical reasons. But the recent award announcement to Intel has shown a spotlight on another topic I am very excited about: Intel Federal LLC.

Intel Federal is a subsidiary that enables Intel to contract directly and efficiently with the U.S. Government. Today we work with DOE across a range of programs that address some of the grand scientific and technology challenges that must be solved to achieve extreme scale computing. One such program is Intel’s role as a prime contractor in the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) CORAL program award.

Intel Federal is a collaboration center. We’re involved in strategic efforts that need to be orchestrated in direct relationship with the end users. This involves the engagement of diverse sets of expertise from Intel and our partners, ranging from providers of hardware to system software, fabric, memory, storage and tools. The new supercomputer being built for ALCF, Aurora, is a wonderful example of how we bring together talent from all parts of Intel in collaboration with our partners to realize unprecedented technical breakthroughs.

Intel’s approach to working with the government is unique – I’ve spent time in the traditional government contracting space, and this is anything but. Our work today is focused on understanding how Intel can best bring value through leadership and technology innovation to programs like CORAL.

But what I’m most proud of about helping bring Aurora to life is what this architectural direction with Intel’s HPC scalable system framework represents in terms of close collaboration in innovation and technology. Involving many different groups across Intel, we’ve built excellent relationships with the team at Argonne to gather the competencies we need to support this monumental effort.

Breakthroughs in leading technology are built into Intel’s DNA. We’re delighted to be part of CORAL, a great program with far-reaching impact for science and discovery. It stretches us, redefines collaboration, and pushes us to take our game to the next level.  In the process, it will transform the HPC landscape in ways that we can’t even imagine – yet.

Stay tuned to CORAL,

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