An IT Guy On A Mission

He needs no introduction; he is “IT Guy,” and funny man Ian Thomas.  Why doesn’t he need an introduction?  Because he already made his own!  Right here on the Server Room, and on YouTube.

Just before IDF 2010 Ian set out on a mission to find the best of IDF  and deliver it back to his viewers.  Before leaving on his mission he  acknowledged some questions on total cost of ownership and the return on  investment on the CPU cores in data center servers and relation to  efficiency, number of cores, and price.In this video Ian hopes to earn a new nickname possibly Corey… well  sorry Ian.  I’m already Cory… How about “hard-core,” because your  knowledge of CPU cores is extreme!


Although IDF is over, the IT guy Ian Thomas has more videos coming!  Follow him on Twitter for the latest and greatest posts, including his latest video post with a Smart TV walkthrough and interview with Geordi err, I mean LeVar Burton.