Announcing the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Series

Most storage was designed 15-20 years ago for stable workloads.   Now we have clouds, new applications launching on a daily basis and the explosion of data.  HP has identified how to solve this problem.


HP’s Converged Storage is based on standard x86 platforms and includes the goodness of industry standard servers, plus networking with HP’s “secret sauce,” scale out federated architecture.

Converged Storage infrastructure grew 38% Y/Y.  HP’s converged storage solutions are “polymorphic” – i.e. built storage built on HP Innovation to deliver simplicity for any need and any scale.

Competitor’s solutions are fragmented, complex and unsustainable.  HP can deliver ROI…greater performance, priority optimization, automated replication

  Announcing HP3PAR StoreServ 7000 Tier 1 storage functionality for the midrange available for less than €30,000!  These new models are ALL based on the Intel® Xeon processor series.  With HP#_AR StoreServe, customers can reduce management time by 90%; reduce capacity requirements by 50% guaranteed; 2x VM Density guaranteed plus scale out federation with HP Peer Motion. 

Visit the Intel booth #101 at HPDiscover to sign up for Get Thin and Get Virtual Assessment to see how the StoreServ7000 family can benefit you.