Are we ready for another form of computing, the Cloud Computing?

From North to South America, from Europe to Asia Pacific and Japan, every end users and service providers that I spoke to interested in cloud computing concept but degree of readiness for adoption of cloud computing varies, some limited to just the concept, others already putting it to good use!

As usual US market is leading the way, few enterprises already using the Public cloud (Amazon EC2) for their research and development environment such as Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson. In addition recently few cloud service providers such Right Scale and Amazon announced their Enterprise focused Virtual Private Cloud, expanding beyond just public cloud offering to exclusive private cloud services to address the need of Enterprises and pave the way for wide scale adoption of Cloud Computing!

There is no doubt that Cloud Computing is here to stay and it is and will impact all aspect of computing from application and Infrastructure architecture development and deployment to Enterprise IT operational environment, but there are still lot more needs to be done to convince majority of end users to trust cloud service providers to move their computing and data into to the cloud. Security, Data Governance, End to end Intelligent Management and monitoring, High Availably & Reliability to name a few!

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