Best Known Methods to Justify Xeon 5500 Purchases

The industry has been waiting for Intel's new product, codenamed Nehalem - and for good reason.  With the recession in full swing and all of us re-thinking our spending habits, we are only spending our hard-earned money on the best and most important products and services ... and everyone is looking for a deal.

The Xeon 5500 based server is one of those products that is going to make IT, business leaders, financial accountants and Corporate Executives take notice.

Why? ... because an investment in a new server, used to replace nine aging single core servers, can pay for itself in an short as 8 months while dramatically reducing infrastructure space consumption, power & cooling requirements and operating costs.

For Finance, that means that a capital investment today, could create a positive cash flow stream within a year

For IT, that means newer, in-warranty servers delivering more performance per server simplifying operations and maintenance, with lower risk of problems

For Facility Managers, that means reduced power / cooling requirements and the ability to consolidate data centers and avoid new construction or retrofits

For the Corporate Executives, this means a more efficient business, with lower costs and more innovation that can spur business growth

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