Big Concepts in Big Data

Strata Conference + Hadoop World, which convenes Oct. 28 - 30 in New York City, is much more than a typical sales-focused trade show. You get a great mix of speakers and presenters from academia and industry leaders to analysts, and from long-established corporations to fresh young companies with bright new technologies. In short, it’s about big ideas. Big Ideas about Big Data.

The presentation I’m most looking forward to is short in length but long in concepts: Five for Five: Five Surprising Mobile Trajectories in Five Minutes! by Tony Salvador. Tony is a senior principal engineer at Intel and he currently directs research in the Experience Insights Lab, where he leads a team of social scientists and business analysts to help identify new, strategic opportunities for technology to create local, sustainable value. His research touches on disruptive innovation practices and new market creation with an ethnographic perspective.

Tony’s presentation is just five minutes long, but punches way above its weight in terms of forward-looking ideas. Join me at 9:30am, Tuesday Oct. 29 in the Grand Ballroom, to find out what #7billion futures, Big Data, hyper #collectivism, hyper #individualism and hyper #differentiation have in common.

Intel is also presenting two technical presentations for Big Data engineers and analysts:

  • Real-Time Analytical Processing (RTAP) using Spark and Shark by Jason (Jinquan) Dai, an engineering director and principal engineer in Intel’s Software and Services Group. Jason will address the need to move beyond MapReduce by building a real-time analytical processing framework to discover and explore big data iteratively and interactively for real-time insights (11:50am, Tuesday Oct. 29, Gramercy Suite).
  • Data Governance with the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* version 3.0 with Ritu Kama(@ritukama) and Vin Sharma(@ciphr), Hadoop product leads at Intel. Learn how the latest release of the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop brings together a number of security mechanisms – from role-based access control to fine-grained data auditing – to help enterprises ensure governance of their data lake (11am, Tuesday Oct. 29, Rhinelander Center).

Strata Conference + Hadoop World comes at an opportune time, as more and more businesses and organizations make their move to incorporate Hadoop into their datacenter to gain the benefits of actionable Big Data analytics. But not all Hadoop distributions are created equal. Apache Hadoop, as it comes from open source, doesn’t have enterprise-grade data privacy and security built in. To get Hadoop ready for the enterprise requires creating a multi-layered, enterprise-strength security infrastructure to protect all the facets of Hadoop. The Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop is gaining momentum as the open source distribution based on Apache 2.0, with industry-leading security from Project Rhino: an ambitious open source initiative to interweave security and data governance into Hadoop from the inside out and the outside in.

Come to our presentations and learn how we are building the features that will allow Apache Hadoop to serve as an enterprise-grade operating environment for data processing and data analytics. Intel has big plans for big data. Come learn the newest details at the show!

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