Big Data at Oracle Openworld 2012

Big Data is a key enterprise topic at present so this year at Oracle Openworld I'll be taking a technical look at Big Data in an Oracle context including Hadoop, Hive and the Oracle Database. Check out the Intel IT Center for an introduction to Big Data and other resources.

What I will be doing in this Openworld session on Big Data Performance rather than work with a standard example such as 'word count' is to take a hands-on example of a straightforward database query, show how that translates into a Hadoop MapReduce job and look at the performance and tuning characteristics. I will also post and work through the Hadoop example here on the Data Stack so you can run it in your own test environment. I will also look at the same query running under Hive and the Oracle Database to give the all important context of how Big Data fits into your existing Data Centre environment.

Look out our for the example workload in upcoming blog posts and if you are at Oracle Openworld 2012 I hope to see you at my session!

Session ID: CON4024

Optimal Oracle Systems for Big Data Performance and Scalability

Moscone South Room: 236

Date: Wednesday 3rd October Time: 10:15 - 11:15

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