Big Data & Cloud – Big Topics & Great Info From IDF 2012


Big Data. It’s about volume (petabytes and beyond), velocity (which requires incredibly robust, real-time analytics), and variety (structured data, yes, but increasingly there’s distributed, unstructured data to contend with). On the second day of IDF 2012, attendees had a number of technical sessions to choose from that directly addressed big data, its challenges and its rewards. In a revealing session entitled Optimal Systems for Big Data Performance and Scalability, Greg Scott, Intel’s strategic initiatives manager, and Jim Fister, strategic business development for Intel, outlined the fundamentals of big data, walked through specific steps on developing and optimizing a Query to run in Hadoop, and detailed the critical aspects of deploying a big data cluster. The result – solutions that let businesses get started with Big Data strategies today.

Other Big Data sessions included one that detailed how Intel architecture can power intelligent storage solutions for Big Data; a session on High Performance Computing and Big Data, and one that provided specifics on ways to achieve real ROI with data analytics.


Cloud computing got plenty of air time during day two of IDF 2012 as well. There were several sessions on cloud, including a session detailing how the Intel® Ethernet Controller X540 and Intel® Data Direct I/O Technology can provide 10Gb Unified Networking, and one on how the new Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Based Platform can optimize 10Gb Ethernet network infrastructures. Other cloud technology sessions included one that covered how software-defined networking can enable cloud networks, another that looked at ways Intel Platform Solutions can increase the efficiency and reliability of a cloud data center infrastructure and a session that focused on the role Micro Servers have in cloud architecture.