Build and enhance clouds through Intel Cloud Builders

As you know, Intel unveiled "Cloud 2015" vision aimed at making cloud-based Internet computing more interoperable, secure and simplified in a series of global launch events – called “Cloud Independence Day."  These began on Oct 27th in San Francisco, Geneva (CERN), Bogota & Sao Paolo (webcast from San Francisco event), and then spans two weeks to include press/analyst events in Beijing, Tokyo, Australia, India, Korea, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.  In the events, Intel outlined the three key elements of its ‘Cloud 2015’ vision:

  1. A world of interoperable ‘federated’ clouds, ‘automated’ movement of software applications and resources; and ‘client-aware’ cloud networks that know what processing should take place in the cloud or on your laptop, smart phone or other device.
  2. As a step to achieve this vision, Intel helped form the Open Data Center Alliance, an independent consortium of more than 70 IT leaders that together represent over $50 billion in annual IT investment and have cloud research or projects underway. Their mission focuses on delivering next generation data center and cloud requirements to meet the challenges facing IT in an open, industry standard and vendor agnostic fashion.
  3. Intel has also expanded the Intel Cloud Builders, which features 20 of the world’s leading hardware and software makers, and will commit resources to spur innovation and make clouds easier to deploy, use and share.

Through the Intel Cloud Builders program, we delivered over 20 reference architectures with 19 partners today as part of Intel Cloud  Initiative. The website was re-launched to highlight this diverse ecosystem participation.  Intel Cloud Builders website is live NOW and is a primary destination from IT Center’s Cloud landing page.

The goal of the Intel Cloud Builders program is to provide a path to the Cloud 2015 vision. Intel announced a significant expansion of this program that brings together leading system and software solution partners to provide proven cloud building recipes and practical guidance on how to deploy, maintain and optimize a cloud infrastructure.

While the alliance will determine future requirements for cloud infrastructure, the Intel Cloud Builders program will help bring these requirements to life with full solutions. The program now has a total of 20 reference architectures with several more on the horizon. It represents a community of the most critical providers of technology in the cloud, including Canonical*, Cisco*, Citrix*, Dell*, EMC*, Enomaly*, Eucalyptus Systems*, Gproxy*, HP*, IBM*, Intel, Joyent*, Microsoft*, NetApp*, NetSuite*, Novell*, Parallels*, Red Hat*, Univa* and VMware*.

Each of these reference architectures are focused on either building a cloud or enhancing a cloud. Some include the common industry pain points and address industry usage models including unified networking, cloud onboarding, scale-out storage, trusted compute pools and policy based power management.

Stay tuned for a part two blog on details on each of these reference architectures from me.