Chip Chat Podcast – Introducing the Compute Geek’s Version of the Muscle Car

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about efficiency lately…but there’s nothing more fun than talking about pure performance.  Performance is the hum of a well tuned engine as you downshift around a mountain curve, the wind in your face as you race down a hill on your bike, the thrill of a jet plane’s roar as it streaks across the sky.  It’s also the smoking speed of a workstation when you’re used to a standard desktop PC…and that speed just got a lot faster with the introduction of our Xeon 5500 series workstation platforms.  I recently talked to Thor Sewell and Wes Shimanek from our technical computing organization about what is shaping workstations and digital workbenches today, the key technologies driving workstation performance, and what users can expect from the compute geek’s version of the muscle car.  Check out what they had to say here.