Cisco and Intel on Virtualization

Hello.  My name is Omar Sultan and I am from the Cisco Data Center Solutions team.  I am a fairly regular blogger over on the Cisco Data Center blog and I'll be spending some time over here too.  The development of the Cisco Unified Computing System launch gave us the opportunity work with some seriously smart folks at Intel and I got a chance to capture some of those conversations.

Here is a podcast that I recorded with Jake Smith from the Intel Advanced Server Technologies team.  One of the things that makes Cisco UCS work is that Intel and Cisco share a common vision for the value of virtualization in the data center and how it can be practically applied to address customer challenges.

Over on my blog, you can also check out a conversation with Ed Groden on why it makes sense to invest in new platforms in these challenging times--he makes a pretty good case.

Anyway, hope the podcasts are helpful, be sure to also check out my blog, and definitely let me know what you would like to hear about from a Cisco perspective.


Omar Sultan

Cisco Systems