Cloud at SXSW & Conversations in the Cloud with Dell


I just got back from Austin after spending 5 days at the SXSW Interactive Conference.  Imagine thousands of social media happy geeks standing together tweeting, texting and talking. Let’s just say that interactive conference goers know how to INTERACT…and they do it at warp speed.  A topic that seemed to come up in every session (other than the gaming era and the Thank You Economy) was Cloud computing. And every time it was brought up, it seemed folks were talking about something slightly unique in definition from everyone else.  In fact, many conversations were “clouded” due to lack of a crisp picture of what cloud actually means (more on this definition problem from me in the following weeks).


Luckily for us, along with the happy conference goers, Austin also features a sizeable leader in cloud computing and Intel Cloud Builders partner Dell Corp.  I was happy to get some time with Dell’s Barton George to help work through the definition of cloud…evolution or revolution? Migration to public data centers or new uses of enterprise data centers? Over hyped same old same or exciting breakthrough in capability and efficiency? Barton is Dell’s evangelist on cloud computing, and you just have to love that title.  The good news is that he lives up to the title’s billing.  His enthusiasm for cloud would match any white shoed televangelist, but he backs up this enthusiasm with a deep understanding of what cloud means to Dell…and perhaps what it should mean for you and me as well.  Barton also told me what Dell engineers were working on with other leaders in the industry (including my Intel co-workers) to bring secure, efficient cloud solutions to the marketplace. Check out our Conversation in the Cloud podcast.  If you like what you hear please subscribe to our RSS feed or connect with us on iTunes. If you would like to learn more about Dell’s cloud reference architecture and solutions register for our upcoming Intel Cloud Builders webcast. And if you want to keep up with our musings on cloud and other data center innovations, follow Barton at @Barton808 and me at @techallyson.  I’d love to hear from you about the podcast, cloud computing, or whatever else you’d like to share.