Cloud Builders – Delivering Security and Compliance

Citrix shares Intel’s mission of taking cloud computing mainstream, and is excited to contribute our technology and expertise to the Cloud Builders program.  Our initial focus is the on-boarding of applications to cloud infrastructures, and how to best manage security requirements when moving workloads into the cloud. Let’s start this discussion with security and compliance.

The Cloud is a key driver for business and technical innovation, and through the use of an extensible services model, allows usage of advanced infrastructures, platforms and applications to be available to all classes of users. Realizing the benefits of cloud computing, however, entails addressing significant challenges pertaining to security and compliance. For example, how are security and compliance measures that have traditionally required end-to-end ownership and physical access adapted to the cloud? Take a look at Citrix’s perspective as outlined in our new whitepaper, which details the first-order challenges and associated solutions.
As Citrix works with Intel and our ecosystem of security partners, we’re jointly addressing both the innovative uses of cloud computing and providing the infrastructure to deliver all the promises of the cloud. Citrix and Intel have a long history of collaboration and partnership, including the recent launch of XenClient enabled by Intel vPro – and there’s much more to come!