Cloud Computing protocol

I came across one more definition of cloud computing in infoworld.


"the use of commercial computing services, including software-as-a-service applications, delivered over the Internet."

Always word commercial and preference/standard go hand in hand.

thats a moot point!

Cloud Computing needs some common protocol since it has a mix& match of several industry components.

for example,  for server management we have IPMI protocol.
I believe all the vendors, manufacture servers that complaint to IPMI protocol.
Similar to this i like to see some common protocol emerging for cloud computing.

I gone throug the DMTF OVF(open virtualization format ver1.0.0d)specification.
OVF Specification describes only an open, secure, portable, efficient and
extensible format for the packaging and distribution of software to be run in virtual machines.

So Some Common protocol has to be framed covering how cloud components can talk each other,interconnect each other and so..

Since Cloud Computing is in early stage of designing , industry has to comeout with proper structure/framework to give user more flexibility .