Cloud Computing Security and HyTrust

Last week “cloudgate”  entered the twitter-sphere and the concepts of cloud availability and security went from analytical  concepts to gut wrenching concerns (especially for my friends on Foursquare… would they still be mayor once  the app came back online?).  All kidding aside, cloud computing industry  hubris was provided a healthy dose of reality.  An  interesting perspective on this event was provided by George Reese.


While the future of cloud computing continues unabated as a  fantastic opportunity (and looks more like the real Cloud Gate shown above than  the doom and gloom of last week’s prognosticators), the need for hardened  solutions based on thoughtful, enterprise ready design has never been more  evident.  This starts with development at the confluence of hardware and  software and excellent engineering insight to build layer upon layer of cloud  infrastructure, something I spoke about in my recent blog on Day  in the Cloud in Beijing.

A perfect example of this engineering insight  was displayed in a recent conversation on cloud  security I had with Hytrust CTO Hemma Prafullchandra.   Hemma is one of those people who almost vibrate from too much intelligence… She  understands IT compliance issues inside and out as well as the layers of challenges in IT compliance and  security when applying virtualization and cloud to the data center.  She  was nice enough to provide me with a primer on the challenges IT managers face  and how Hytrust is delivering security controls that are as agile as workload  virtualization policies inside a cloud environment.  I found the  conversation incredibly insightful and reflective of IT’s continued focus on  security as a key requirement to address for widespread cloud computing  adoption.  If you’ve got questions for Hemma and the folks at Hytrust  after listening to this podcast please comment.