Cloud Connect 2011 – What does Intel have to do with Cloud?

Cloud Connect 2011 was a success for all, especially for Intel to show and tell people where they are in the conversation of the Cloud.  According to attendees, this year the attendance was 68 percent greater than last year.  Guess that clears up the question of, “is Cloud just the ‘buzz’ or is the Cloud forward-looking?” But questions still filtered the air at Cloud events that led up to Cloud Connect…

When people think “Cloud” they think Google or Amazon.  What about Intel?  When people hear, say, or see “Intel” they think of the microprocessor company.  Intel – just the processor company, but at Cloud Connect, we were able to help tell the story of where Intel fits in the conversation of the Cloud.  Along with the AES-NI Encryption demo showing the performance difference between our Xeon 5500 and Xeon 5600, and the very popular Nordic Edge One Time Password demo, Intel was able to help answer that question with the other two demos – Intel® Expressway Cloud Access 360 and the Intel Cloud Builders demo. 

Many people asked what Intel has to do with Cloud?  The Intel Cloud Builders demo of the eBook or guide was great to help tell that story of how we have worked with many of our ecosystem partners to develop the first 20 of our Reference Architectures and pull together all the case studies to help our future Intel customers and partners find the perfect recipes for building their Cloud.  Intel will be their trusted advisor and as we continue to build out on more RAs we will also build on the Intel Cloud Builders Guide (eBook) providing continued references within the guide in forms of videos, webcasts, podcasts, whitepapers, etc., to help our customers and partners build the perfect fit Cloud for their business.  Intel in the Cloud?

Wait…there’s more…The Intel® Expressway Cloud Access 360 demo (also Vikas Jain YouTube available) focuseson the biggest topic around Cloud – SECURITY IN THE CLOUD. Cloud Access 360 secures Client to the Cloud. It is the first solution suite designed to control the entire lifecycle of cloud access by providing SSO, provisioning, strong authorization and audit.  So again, Intel in the Cloud?

Outside of the demos, Intel was also there with a camera and questions.  Interviews were being conducted left and right with the attendees to find out what is their definition of the Cloud, how does their business fit in with Cloud, what brought them to Cloud Connect this year and many other more interesting questions that brought the conversation of Cloud to a whole new level of learning and excitement.  Overall, the attendees are starting to build on the hybrid Cloud, they do see a future for Cloud Computing, many different verticals are using or providing the Cloud today – education, worldwide businesses, technology, financial businesses, etc., and the best part, people are understanding not only Intel’s benefits of security in the Cloud, and for some Intel® TXT, but finding out that Intel, while still the microprocessor company, also facilitates as a Trusted Advisor role in the conversation of Cloud Computing.

Intel was also able to have a few sit down interviews with some of our partners and customers that helped make the Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture library fulfilled, including Cisco.  Also one of the Steering Committee Members from the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), Terremark, as wells as spend some quality time with McAfee, Hytrust, RSA, and a few others.  Along with these interviews and those at the Intel booths and show floor, stay tuned for videos from the successful Cloud Connect 2011!