Cloud Conversations: Cloud On-Boarding Demo with Citrix

Got integration headaches? Try this cloud-bridging solution.

When one company acquires another, an IT organization is left with the unenviable job of quickly integrating two existing IT infrastructures. This is an activity that is fraught with security risks, technical challenges, and—most of all—management headaches.

Intel and Citrix have developed a solution that helps your organization take the pain out of integration challenges of this type. With this cloud on-boarding solution, you can move front-end application servers to the cloud while keeping sensitive back-end database servers secure in your data center.

I don’t know about you, but while this is easy to say, it is much more powerful to see it work. You can demo of the cloud resource sharing and on-boarding solution on YouTube. This animated presentation demonstrates how to configure a cloud on-boarding solution on servers equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors running Citrix XenServer® and VMware® vSphere™.

I won’t walk you through the configuration details here. The quick version of the story is that the lab spanned two locations connected via a wide area network—a simulated data center in California and a Citrix XenServer cloud in Oregon. This solution relied on Citrix® NetScaler®, with the Citix® CloudBridge® feature enabled, to securely bridge the data center and cloud networks.

While I can’t promise you that this cloud-bridging solution will alleviate all the challenges and headaches that come with a major integration initiative, it ought to make things easier on you.

For a firsthand look at the solution, check out Hybrid Cloud Computing with Intel and Citrix® NetScaler® on YouTube. Or download the reference architecture for more details.

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