Cloud Expo West Day 2 – “GIANT” Cloud…

This week launched the seventh 2010 Cloud Expo West in Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, Calif.  After missing the first day, I was able to attend Day 2.  Bright and early, the day started out with a keynote from Intel’s Vice President of the Intel Architecture Group and General Manager of Data Center Group Marketing, Boyd Davis.  Unfortunately, attendance at 7:40 in the morning was not quite would it could have been due to the big win of the first world championship title of the San Francisco GIANTS franchise history.  Other than Cloud, the GIANTS game was the other BUZZ around the venue. Still Davis’ keynote was a great kickoff to a long second day as he covered Intel’s three pillars of Cloud; the Cloud 2015 Vision, the newly public Open Data Center Alliance, and Cloud Builders. Through his presentation, the Vision video opened, the OEM/ISV video also played throughout, and the Cloud Builders Videos was also a hit that seemed to really engage the audience.

Shortly after Intel, another interesting session was presented by Adaptivity with the topic, “Cloud Computing is Transforming the Business of Enterprise IT” with speaker Tony Bishop.  There was one video that made the audience wake up and laugh while simply understanding the Cloud from their perspective.  Overall, this was the key session people began rolling in.  “Welcome to caffeine and Cloud.”

Interesting as it is, I was talking with a few other Intel people on the plane on my way down to the event, and then listening to the chatter in the Cloud Computing atmosphere and noticing the two conversation types had some things in common.  I think Intel, like many other companies are realizing they need to do, or have started to do, it really look, see, and think “outside the box” or as I say “the blue box.”  In other words, we spend so much time talking amongst ourselves and our OEMs and ISVs, but Intel also really needs to talk with other businesses, IT Professionals, of course, but also even scale it further to developers, researchers, and really find out what other usages all businesses have for the Cloud, hence a scalable, flexible Cloud.  Also what are some other businesses’ concerns and other questions when implementing Cloud.  Are we one large ecosystem?  Do we all help each other?  Can one large business help those smaller businesses answer their questions and help build out on Cloud?  DO NOT get me wrong, the fact that we, Intel, work with the Open Data Center Alliance is great, because we ARE, truly a great trusted advisor, I just hear that we can take that still and maximize it even wider and possibly more creatively, literally.

I talked with Scott Reed from Developmentor in Las Angeles, Calif., and just from his developer’s  perspective, the discussions at the event so far have been “geared more toward IT” which is true, but is it possible to maximize our cloud conversation to target all interested areas of work for businesses?

“There is a lot of marketing focused sessions on their companies,” says Reed, but not many for how to help other companies how to implement Cloud.”

I heard the same from two other researchers who sat at my lunch table today.  They were looking to get information on how to look at patterns that need change, look ahead and see if there are things they can change before these patterns occur when implementing Cloud, but these researchers said this event was not going to provide the information to get what they are looking for.  So who is?  One notable thing in common with these three different people, two different job focuses within the industry, is that they all came from small –medium businesses, or SMBs.  They chatted with a systems engineer, industry researchers, public cloud providers, research firms, and other developers, (keep in mind, only day two, still many people to meet and that means still many job focus areas that can be of a target to provide information of how to successfully use or implement Cloud.

The rest of the day seemed like I kept hearing “Platform as a Service” is the best now.  I know that is something more for myself and Cloud partner in Cloud crime to find out in day three of the Cloud Expo.  Until then, here are some thoughts that crossed my mind.  What, if any, buzz is there about HPC Cloud?  I am also looking forward to the topic of virtualization v. Cloud Computing.  Again…more to come tomorrow… So stay tuned…