Cloud Expo West Day 3 – “Cloud Buzz”

Another bright early morning at the Cloud Expo, Day 3 kicks off with a power panel with Douglas Crockford, K. Scott Morrison, Treb Ryan, Jon Shende and David Rokita with the topic, Virtualization & Cloud Computing – A Tango for Two?”  I thought this would be great for people to really see where were the utilization of Cloud is going from 2010 going forward.  It would also answer questions about the redefining of Cloud Computing and the world of virtualization…hence…a tango for two?

One question that helped clear the air on the path of Cloud was the curiosity of what happens when the fizzle of questions about cloud fizzles out? Will people be just as needy and excited about Cloud Computing many years out passed 2010? Or will it become “yesterday’s news?” I think that is truly a loaded question that depends on person, the job focus, the industry leaders, the companies. So I talked to David Rotika, one of the panelists, and ask his opinion. He had a good point that I have heard from a few other people recently in the Cloud event space – the term “CLOUD” really IS just a buzz word and a few years from now, it won’t seem like such a big deal to implement, instead, it will just be something we naturally apply in our everyday technology world. The buzz and hype over Cloud or calling it “Cloud” will be what fizzles out, but the questions and usage models, the next roadmaps, the next implementations will not fizzle, and there will always be answers. And as Rotika sees it, which may be true, “The best people in IT have been able to deliver and implement the Cloud.  Traditional IT is now just done better.” In other words, there will still be questions of Cloud…that follow with answers of continuously implementing.

Ok. Tangent. Anyway, a few of the panelists pointed out the possibility that someone has yet to really “tap into” the  Cloud.  “This thing [Cloud] is really about applications.”  I keep hearing speakers say, “I remember back in the beginning of my career….early on…” from people in the tech industry for the last 15-25+ years.  This makes me think, or rather, wonder if the Cloud will be a consistent “buzz” in the virtual or any part of the tech world?  Fifteen years from now, will we be implementing the Cloud, applying the Cloud, if we “have yet to really tap out” on the Cloud, what or where do we think we will be in the conversation of Cloud then?  In addition, I am curious to know what other people think on this topic of whether or not all biz types are considered in?  SMBs?  Or just IT only?  Large companies only?  And what about all geos?  My question for the day, is…are SMBs often overlooked in the Cloud Conversation?