Cloud Media Hosting: Streaming Media Hosting Offers Video at a Screaming Pace

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Streaming Media Hosting (SMH) provides content delivery services for thousands of businesses and consumers worldwide. The number of video applications is growing fast, due in part to more use of handheld devices to view video. SMH needed to upgrade its data center to increase performance and consolidate its server infrastructure. With Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series-based servers, SMH uses half as many servers as with its previous-generation platform. This refresh lets the company host and manage more customers’ servers while it develops and delivers media application content.

“We’re fortunate to work so closely with Intel so we can move forward, defining the future for our industry while maintaining a philosophy of award-winning service, speed, and reliability, with a 100 percent service level of what we offer in the cloud,” said Robert Klug, CEO of SMH.

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