Cloud On-Boarding – How to Ease Your Transition to the Cloud: from Citrix & Intel

Is your head in the “cloud” or at least thinking of going  there?

Moving applications to the cloud can be complex, but upfront  planning, useful migration tools, and experience can help simplify the process.  Many factors must be considered when moving an application to the cloud:  applications component, network stack, management, security, and orchestration.  For enterprise IT professionals looking to move data,  applications, or integrated solutions from the datacenter to the cloud, it is  often useful to start with the knowledge and experience gained from previous  work.

Cloud on-boarding is the deployment or migration of data,  applications, or integrated solutions of compute, storage, and network  resources to a public, private, or hybrid cloud. On-boarding addresses business  needs, such as a spike in demand business needs, such as a spike in demand,  business continuity, and capacity optimization. Enterprises can use on-boarding  to address capacity demands without the need to deploy additional  infrastructure. Cloud on-boarding should be considered in the design of overarching,  enterprise-wide, cloud infrastructure that supports internal, external, and  federated clouds. It provides a very compelling usage for enterprises who want  to maximize the elastic capabilities of cloud computing.

The general premise of cloud on-boarding is to allow the  cloud to act as an additional resource or extension of the datacenter for the  following reasons:

  • For occasions when the datacenter becomes  overloaded by demand spikes
  • For cost-effective capacity management and  seamless load balancing
  • For disaster recovery and failure mitigation

Citrix and Intel have worked together to develop a reference  architecture focused on cloud on-boarding and have identified important  on-boarding considerations, as well as the key software tools and applications  to make the effort successful.

Are you attending IDF? If so, stop by and visit Citrix  within the Cloud Zone area in the Intel Data Center Pavilion. See for yourself  our work in action and learn what your organization should consider and ease  your transition to the cloud.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

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Pete Downing

Is the Principle Product Manager in the Cloud Networking Group at Citrix Systems

Pete joined Citrix in 2006 and is involved with Citrix’s  cloud computing initiatives which includes the Citrix NetScaler Cloud Bridge,  Citrix OpenCloud On-Boarding Solution stack, and other key strategic cloud  initiatives.