Competition: The Spice of Life …. even for IT

Competition, Comparison, Self Improvement, Benchmarking.

We do them in business. We do them in our careers. We do them in our leisure. ... and if you are like me you like to watch them on TV or live as well. Who is watching Lance Armstrong? or Tiger Woods? or their favorite sports team compete regularly.

IT professionals are no different.  Today, one of the business emhpasis points for IT is energy efficiency.  Now there is a way for you to quickly compare your own IT organization against itself and others.  This IT self-assessment tool takes about 2-3 minutes to complete and will answer these three questions

  1. How efficient is your server infrastructure today?
  2. How do you compare to your peers?
  3. How much more efficient could you be?

The Community Window: Server Efficiency is a tool hosted on the Intel Premier IT Professionals website ( where registration is free and so is the information and best practices shared by other IT professionals throughout the industry.  Join and conduct your Server Efficiency self assessment today.   Chris

server efficiency tool.bmp