Cookie Cutter Clouds… No Thanks!

So I recently did a great Podcast where I talked about Citrix OpenCloud, Citrix OpenCloud Bridge and the On-Boarding whitepaper I did with Intel.  Check out the podcast here.   From this podcast, the following transpired…

So I went to the store the other day and bought some good old “Ready to Bake” cookie mix.  The great thing about this is you always know what you are going to get.  You follow the directions, turn on the oven, and place the dough on the pan.  The only mistake you can make is if you cook them too long!  12 to 15 minutes later you have a nice batch of warm cookies.

Kind of boring, right!  So then I got thinking, what if I used a cookie cutter to make some cookies.  That would change things a bit, right?  Here is what I ended up with:


Still pretty bland…

So I got thinking about how Citrix OpenCloud is changing the game with cloud computing and taking clouds that are “cookie cutter” and giving them the opportunity to spice it up a bit.  Sure I could add frosting (logo) to these cookies, but underneath they are still the same ingredients and brand.  They will have a little sugar taste but that is about it!  Your neighbor (cloud providers) can make the same cookies and I bet they will taste the same!  Heck, your kids (private clouds) can even make these cookies (with adult supervision of course) and I bet they will taste the same!  But, what if you want brownies, cupcakes, cake, pie, pizza dough or even spaghetti, what are your options?  Sure you can go out and buy “Ready to Bake” options or store bought, but what if you prefer wheat flour, organic products or a specific brand ingredient?

How can we address these desires and at the same time kick it up a notch (differentiation)?  Well, I went out and bought one of these:


Not only can I make cookies (adding as many chocolate chips as I want), but I have also become quiet the homemade pasta maker:


So think of IT Administrators or Cloud Providers as the bakers and Citrix OpenCloud is your high-end mixer that you can add any ingredients to in order to make whatever it is you want to make. Citrix OpenCloud will provide you with a few key ingredients to choose from when building out a cloud: XenServer, Netsclaer, XenApp and XenDesktop. Yet, Citrix OpenCloud allows you to bring a wide variety of ingredients to the table in order to build YOUR cloud. Citrix OpenCloud does not lock you into any particular hypervisor, web portal or API (as examples). Citrix OpenCloud allows you to build a cloud that can compete, perform, differentiate and meet you or your customer needs.

One could argue you can go from package to cookie in little time with a "Ready to Bake" option; a very valid point. Citrix OpenCloud will allow for any combination of ingredients but at the same time, we offer up our own recipes for those who want a cookie cutter scenario. In the end, Citrix OpenCloud is truly open, allowing you to build a cloud that meets the needs of your organization or cloud offering and when needed, we can provide you with a "Ready to Bake" option.

… So again, check out the podcast!

Disclaimer: I actually did make pasta and no one died from eating it!

Now to think up more recipes…

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