Data Center Crisis – How to Survive

InfoWorld recently published some pretty scary data on the data center crunch: exerpt: "Forty-two percent of the respondents said their datacenters would exceed power capacity within 12 to 24 months unless they carried out expansion. Another 23 percent said it would take 24 to 60 months to run out of power capacity. The managers reported similar figures for cooling: 39 percent said they would exceed cooling capacity in 12 to 24 months, and 21 percent said it would take 24 to 60 months. "

I have done a series of blog entries on the topic: and Big Numbers in the Data Center - The Data Tsunami

In these I have focused the solution ( or at least treatment) for data center pain on three strategies - Refresh, Virtualize, and Densification. I don't think I have used the word densification in a sentence before, but spell-check says it is real... For those who prefer a mixed media message, I agreed to record a series of short videos talking about the each approach and benefits for these strategies. Starting with the video on refresh.

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The next two - virtualization and densification, will be posted soon.

Thanks for tuning in.