Data Center Download: Cisco Live, The Reality of Benchmarks, and Cloud Computing Lessons

Start your week right with the Data  Center Download here in the Server Room!   This post wraps up recent updates from the Server Room, the Cloud  Builder Forum, and our Data Center Experts around the web.  This is your chance to catch up on all of the  blogs, podcasts, webcasts, and interesting items shared via Twitter from the previous week.

Here’s our wrap-up of the 1st  half of July:

In the blogs:

Bruno Domingues discussed Cloud  Computing and Capacity Planning for SaaS

Brian Yoshinaka gave us  the overview of Data  Center Management with the Cisco Nexus 2232TM & 10GBASE-T: Reporting from  Cisco Live 2011

Wally Pereira explained IT  Modernization & Data Migration: A Spectrum of Options

Brian Yoshinaka gave us  his notes Reporting  from Cisco Live! 2011: Energy Efficient Ethernet

Pauline Nist compared Benchmarks  vs. the Real World: Reality Check

Kibibi Moseley shared  with us Intel  Mission Critical Solutions @ Cisco Live 2011: World of Solutions

Bob Deutsche compared Cloud Lessons & LeMans Racing on Data  Center Knowledge

Mitchell Shults discussed Big  Memory, Big Data, and the Semantic Web

Raejeanne  Skillern shared The Service Catalog: Demystifying  Cloud on Data Center Knowledge

Broadcasted across the web:

In the latest Intel  Chip Chat, Intel Fellow and research  Labs Director of Interaction & Experience, Genevieve Bell, discusses the connection we have with our devices and our interactions with them.  Genevieve explains to Allyson Klein that the user experience enables a strong or weak bond with technology smart TV to smart car.

In the latest of Conversations in the Cloud, Allyson Klein discusses NetApp’s new Ethernet Advantage program and two new reference architectures, focused on  unified networking for 10 GBbE with NFS and iSCSI. Check out the Intel Cloud Builders site and the podcast on Unified  Networking with NetApp’s Mike McNamara to learn more.

Last week in the Intel Cloud  Builders program, we saw a great webcast on Cloud  On-boarding from Citrix.  In this webcast, they discussed how to ease your transition to the cloud by using cloud computing technologies like cloud on-boarding. 

Cloud on-boarding addresses business needs, such as a spike in demand, business continuity, and capacity optimization. Enterprises can use  on-boarding to address capacity demands without the need to deploy additional infrastructure. Check out the webcast or head over to the Intel Cloud Builders Forum to discuss and learn more!

In the social stream:

Winston  Saunders shared:

Solid PUE, consolidation, and #datacenter efficiency  story from NREL

Intel "Cloud in a box"

Intel Dalian: An Environmental Benchmark for China

Australia's Carbon Tax & Data Centers: Penalties likely  to boost focus on data center efficiency.  from Data center Knowledge

Raejeanne Skillern shared:

Exciting day for us DC folks at Intel -Intel buys networking  chipmaker because the data center is now the…

IDC: #Cloud Server Revenue to Reach $9.4 Billion by 2015

SeaMicro Packs 768 Cores Into its Atom #Server from cmiller237

Good point -"isn’t the promise of choice, portability  & flexibility a big part of the attraction to cloud?" via @reillyusa

12 Top Thinkers in Cloud via @Apptio

In case you missed it... VMware intros vSphere 5 and cloud  infrastructure suite via @zdnet

Allyson Klein shared:

Germany's leading #HPC lab, FZ  Julich talks about the future of performance and early promise for #Intel MIC  arch

Part #3 of e-week labs review of #ODCA cloud  requirements - this 1 is carbon footprint

Part #2 of e-week labs review of #ODCA cloud  requirements - this one is VM Interoperability and use of #DMTF's OVF  spec

E-week Labs writing profiles of all 8 #ODCA usage  models. Great stuff @csturdevant Part  #1 is here

The Cloud is About Usage Models, Not Technology: Industry  Perspective from Billy Cox of Intel on ODCA. from Data Center Knowledge