Data Center Download: Cloud, CSR, and What is SUE?

download_arrow.png Start your week right!  With the Data Center Download here in the  Server Room.  This post wraps up  everything going on with the Server Room, the Cloud Builder Forum, and our Data  Center Experts around the web.  This is  your chance to catch up on all of the blogs, podcasts, webcasts, and interesting  items shared via Twitter from the previous week.

Here’s our wrap-up of the week of May 16th – May 20th:

In the Blogs:

Bruno  Domingues  discussed Trusted  Compute Pools: What’s under the hood?

Winston Saunders introduced us to sUE and The  Elephant in your Data Center: Inefficient Servers

And, Emily Hutson explained Data  Protection for Small Business and Intel Xeon Processor-based Servers

Broadcasted across the web:

This week on Intel  Conversations in the Cloud we had Joyent on to discuss best practices for  building your data center for the cloud and their Smart Data Center products.

On Intel Chip Chat we  had Suzanne Fallender Intel’s Director of Strategy and Communications for  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on to discuss this year’s CSR report from  Intel and what Intel is doing inside and out as a technology company to be  responsible to mother earth. You can find out more about Suzanne from a recent article.

Joyent and Dell took part in this week’s Intel Cloud Builders webcast on Addressing Industry  Challenges with Cloud Computing.

On Channel  Intel we saw:

Kirk  Skaugen in the Intel  Keynote at Interop on the Cloud Vision 2015

Vikas Jain explain Single Sign-on to  the Cloud with Intel Cloud Access 360 & Trusted Client to the Cloud  with Intel Cloud Access 360

Jesper Tohmo explained Provisioning Identity across  the Cloud with Intel Cloud Access 360

And, Ben Onken showed us how you can Accelerate Data Encryption  with Intel Xeon Processors

Across the web we  saw:

Raejeanne Skillern shared that  GigaOm listed Intel on their list for Structure – 50 Companies  Influencing How the Cloud and infrastructure evolves.

Pauline Nist shared a White paper from Springboard Research  that shows Intel Itanium and Xeon at the top of their list for mission critical processors     

And, Intel was at Microsoft TechEd North America sharing the events and news #MSTechEd