Data Center Download: From Big Data & Database to Open Cloud Standards

download_arrow.png Start your week right with the Data Center Download here in the Server Room!  This post wraps up everything going on with the Server Room, the Cloud Builders Forum, and our Data Center Experts around the web.  This is your chance to catch up on all of the blogs, podcasts, webcasts, and interesting items shared via Twitter.

Here’s our wrap-up of the best of data center news in and around Intel for the last two weeks:

In the Blogs:

Steve Shaw Shared how to Improve Database Performance: Redo & Transaction Logs on Solid State Disks

Cory Klatik Shared videos on Building Cloud Infrastructure & Interoperability with Oracle & Canonical

Emily Hutson Shared the Small Business IT Tune-up: Contest Winner #3

Brian Yoshinaka Shared how we're Connecting Big Data in the Data Center

Bob Deutsche Discussed Cloud Computing Strategy: The Cloud is Not a Person, Place or Thing

Pauline Nist Shared her thoughts on IBM’s Information on Demand Conference - What happens in Vegas can come home with you!

Dylan Larson Shared A Platinum Idea from the Open Data Center Alliance

John Hengeveld Shared the The Hugo Rule and Exascale

Braodcasted Across the Web:

Chip Chat

Processor Instrumentation

Lynn Comp, director of software technologies initiatives talks about data center efficiency, specifically building instrumentation into the processor itself with technologies like Intel® Turbo Boost and Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager.

Intel Datacenter and Connected Systems Group Update

Kirk Skaugen, VP of DCSG, discusses unifying the datacenter group, managing big data and the growth of associated technologies like business analytics, Intel’s vision for an open standards-based cloud, and upcoming Intel® Xeon® processors.

Conversations in the Cloud

Microsoft’s Views on Taking App. Delivery to the Next Level with Cloud

Deepak Setty from Microsoft discusses the company’s cloud computing strategy - managing physical, virtualized and cloud computing-based servers to deliver applications seamlessly - as well as the state of adoption in APAC.

Canonical's Enterprise and Private Cloud Solutions

Prakash Advani stops by Day in the Cloud to talk about the 20,000 enterprise cloud deployments of Ubuntu, Canonical’s involvement with OpenStack, the Ubuntu management tool called Landscape, and the company’s personal cloud storage solution.


Intel Cloud Builders: RES Software & The Desktop in the Cloud

Intel Cloud Builders RA: Fujitsu and Building a Cloud Infrastructure

Intel Cloud Builders RA: Oracle & Cloud Infrastructure Design & Deployment

Intel Cloud Builders RA: Canonical & Cloud Computing Interoperability

NAS: Storage for Home and Small Office

In the Social Stream:

Dylan Larson

NYTimes: Big Data, Speed and the Future of

Dylan Larson via DataCenterArch

#DataCenter #News New IBM CEO Rometty Faces Treacherous Cloud Computing Services Transformation: New IBM CEO

John Hengeveld

RT @insideHPC: Just in: Steve Conway: GPU Momentum #HPC - Its about Usage... not technology

Allyson Klein

DatacenterDynamics | Cloud adoption accelerating says… via @AddThis

Allyson Klein via opendatacenter

@arstechnica quotes Frank Frankovsky saying Open Compute Project and ODCA have a "strategic alignment"

Allyson Klein

Not at the OCP event today? Here's some insight including comments on the Open Data Center…

Raejeanne Skillern via VanessaAlvarez1

For those who missed it, James Hamilton's preso from #Opencompute Summit #scale #datacenter

Winston Saunders

Top 12 Green IT users and vendors. Intel there. Kaiser Permante top user

Winston Saunders

IBM rolls out #solar array for #datacenter. And no it's not in Europe or the US. Bam!