Data Center Download: From Cloud Computing to the Open Data Center and Exascale HPC @ IDF2011

It’s nearly October, and that means another fantastic IDF occurred!   Wait… how do I know, you ask?  Aside  from the great attendance in the data center technical sessions that covered everything  from cloud computing to HPC, I can tell by all of the great blogs, podcasts,  and videos that came out of IDF! We also received great questions from visitors  to the Data Center Pavilion on Intel  Cloud Builders. Here is your Data Center Download for IDF 2011:

Intel Developer Forum 2011 Event Photo

In the Blogs we read:

Data  Center Technology & Intel® Ethernet at the Intel Developer's Forum by Douglas Boom

Below  the Surface: My observations from the Road Less Travelled at IDF by Ajay Chandramouly

Open  Data Center Usage Models: Solution Providers Respond by Allyson Klein

Exascale  High Performance Computing Discussions at IDF 2011 by John Hengeveld

Cloud  Computing, Data Center, HPC, and Itanium @ IDF 2011: Briefing from Kirk Skaugen by Cory Klatik

Facebook  & Open Data Center Alliance: What’s not to love?  Or should I say “Like”? By Raejeanne Skillern

Simplifying  the Cloud On-Boarding Process… Securely a Guest Contribution

Next-Gen  Mission-Critical @ IDF: Oracle Exadata + Intel Xeon by Mitchell Shults

Cloud  On-Boarding – How to Ease Your Transition to the Cloud: from Citrix & Intel a Guest Contribution

Data  Center Efficiency & Facebook @ IDF11 - Node Manager Innovations by David Jenkins

Mission  Critical Solutions at IDF: Preview by Pauline Nist

On Intel Chip Chat, we listened to:

Cloud Computing  & Storage Technology with Reuven Cohen @ IDF2011

Mission  Critical Technology & Intel Live From IDF

IDF Livecast:  Intel® AppUp Small Business Service Update

IDF Livecast:  Storage Industry Update

IDF Livecast:  The Architecture of Cloud Computing

IDF Livecast:  Parallel Programming

On and Channel Intel, we watched:

Driving towards Cloud 2015 – A Technology Vision to Meet the ...  with Stephen S. Pawlowski

Intel  Data Center & Cloud Computing Briefing with Kirk Skaugen

Exascale  HPC Computing Discussion with John Hengeveld

Open  Data Center Alliance Usage Models Panel with ODCA Solution  Providers Representatives

Open  Data Center Alliance and Open Compute Project Announce Collaboration with ODCA, Intel, and Facebook OCP Representatives

In the social stream:

There was great online conversation surrounding IDF 2011 that you should see it in all of its  glory on Twitter.

What’s next?  Oracle Open World of  Course!  Did you know Allyson Klein will be there livecast  recording and taking your questions?   Learn more by following @IntelChipChat

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