Data Center Download: Intel MIC, HPC, and the Cloud

download_arrow.png Start your week right with the Data  Center Download here in the Server Room!   This post wraps up everything going on with the Server Room, the Cloud  Builder Forum, and our Data Center Experts around the web.  This is your chance to catch up on all of the  blogs, podcasts, webcasts, and interesting items shared via Twitter from the  previous week.

Here’s our wrap-up of the weeks of  June 20th – June 28th:

In  the blogs:

Bruno Domingues explained Database  virtualization – latency in the cloud

Pauline Nist  reviewed HP  Discover: Itanium to tablets with everything in between!

Winston  Saunders shared the Open  Compute Project: Facebook’s idea for the future data center. And A Top-Down  Look at Server Utilization Effectiveness

Robert Deutsche retook the High  Ground in the Cloud Discussion

Justin Van Buren gave us 5  Questions to Ask Intel at GigaOm Structure (June 22-23, 2011)

Raejeanne Skillern described Unifying  the voice of IT as we head into the cloud

Brian Yoshinaka gave us a 10 Gigabit  Ethernet Update: Another Serving of Alphabet Soup

Lawrence Chiu told us the one  mission critical RAS feature you should look for

John Hengeveld had  a guest feature on Inside HPC and  shared  a Look Back at ISC’11 by John Hengeveld

Broadcasted  across the web:

Last week was a big week for  supercomputing and HPC on Intel Chip  Chat.  It may have had something  to do with ISC 2011. 😉   Last week, you got twice the dose starting  with FZ Juelich’s Norbert Eicher, who elaborated on the efficiency and portability that the Intel MIC  architecture delivers.  Mr.  Eicher also discussed the collaborative work FZ Juelich is doing with Intel, and other HPCS  and cluster computing organizations throughout Europe.

In the second dose, Allyson Klein  chats with Michael Showerman, the Technical Program Manager for the National Center for Supercomputing.  Mr. Showerman explains the Science of Computing & Intel MIC.  They continue to chat about the science of  technical computing and the scalability & portability of the Intel MIC  architecture.

For your Conversations in the Cloud, last week Dave Nicholson of  EMC took some time to discuss Solutions for the  Cloud with EMC and the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA).  Mr. Nicholson is the Director of the newly  created EMC Solutions Group. In this podcast, he further talks on the journey  to the cloud and what it means for your IT infrastructure.

In a webcast with Gproxy and Intel,  Gproxy’s Rafael Tucat, Leo Tuzzo, and Intel’s Priya Abani discuss a Balanced Compute Model for the Cloud.  They review the Gproxy Intel® Cloud Builders  reference architecture focusing on the Client Device Score (CLIDES) by Gproxy,  which ranks a client device’s capabilities including CPU, CPU load, connection  type, bandwidth and screen resolution, helping to optimize the user experience  based on the client device’s capabilities.

On  YouTube:

Why Greater Performance per-Core Matters for  Server Virtualization         

Benefits and Challenges of IT Consumerization

HPC @ Intel 2011

In  the social stream:

@RaejeanneS shares that Red Hat Shows Cloud  Leadership w Expansion of Comprehensive Cloud Comp Solutions Portfolio

@WinstonOnEnergy shared Intel Cloud on a Chip

@WinstonOnEnergy shared a major datacenter announcement from northern Virginia

@WinstonOnEnergy said: Leading the way to Exascale - Kirk Skaugen at ISC