Data Center Download: Migration; Interop; And What’s New for Small Business?

Start your week right!  With the Data Center Download here in the  Server Room.  This post wraps up  everything going on with the Server Room, the Cloud Builder Forum, and our Data  Center Experts around the web.  This is  your chance to catch up on all of the blogs, podcasts, webcasts, and  interesting items shared via Twitter from the previous week. download_arrow.png

Here’s our wrap-up of the week of May 23rd:

In the Blogs:

Billy  Cox asked Hybrid  Cloud: Are you ready? And didn’t quite recommend let’s  just leave the barn door open…

Chelsea  Janes shared her thoughts on Intel’s  Keynote Vision at Interop Las Vegas 2011

Wally Pereira explored testing by asking A  Pilot or a Proof of Concept? The First Step in the RISC to IA Migration

This week on Intel Conversations in the Cloud we had Ben Grubin from Novell on to discusses data  center infrastructure tools and automating cloud services, as well as some best  practices for your data center and cloud computing needs.

On Intel Chip Chat Bridget  Karlin discussed the Intel AppUp Small Business service a new hybrid cloud  computing solution that delivers a complete solution from software to hardware  to cloud provisioned monitoring and management for the small business.

This week the Intel Chip Chat Challenge has returned!   Allyson Klein asks a simple question:

By 2015 what is the largest impact cloud computing will have  on our lives, why, and how?

This is your chance to share your thoughts and you could win  in the contest! Go answer!

Across the web we saw:

A demo of the Intel Expressway Cloud Access  360 Partner Program Testimonials

From the Intel Cloud Builders program we saw a demo of Trusted Compute Pools  for Cloud Computing with Hytrust and Intel TXT

We saw Intel  Xeon E7 processors power the SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA™) in  explanation.

In the social Stream:

Winston  Saunders shared the Top 10 Things Data Centers Forget in Their PUE Claims,  on Linked In.
Raejeanne Skillern shared a look inside Google’s DC:
Chris Peters asked: Is compromise inevitable? The Intel CISO says yes.

Mashable reported  on datacenter growth: YouTube has 2  Days of video posted every 1 minute

Raejeanne Skillern shared info from Data Center Knowledge that eBay's  data centers are filled with racks packed with up to 96 servers, and using  28 kilowatts of power. 
Winston  Saunders shared a 451 Group Video on Renewable  Energy and Data Centers on Data Center Knowledge.
Cisco Systems offered  a peek at the cool, green features from Cisco's [new] Allen, TX data center!

Allyson Klein Wants to hear from you cloud experts out there on your thoughts on Hybrid  Cloud service