Data Center Efficiency & Facebook @ IDF11 – Node Manager Innovations

Late breaking news for IDF class Improving Data Center Efficiency with IntelĀ® Products, Technologies and Solutions (DCCS003) (Today @ 4:25pm) - As planned, Jay Kyathsandra and I will be covering how Intel products, technologies and solutions - both existing and in development - provide opportunies for server builders & integrators, developers and end users to innovate and drive improvements in data center efficiency that have graduated from "nice to have" to "requirement" for IT staff.

The big news is that we will be joined by special guest Alex Renzin of facebook who will talk about how Intel and facebook are collaborating to deliver a manageability solution based on an Intel technology implementation the DCMI specification to manage BMC-less servers in their data center environments.  Real world issues, real technology, real innovation - we are definitely excited to hear what Alex has to say.

Plenty of other opportunities to talk with us about manageability and power management at IDF - stop by the Node Manager booth in the Data Center Zone in the Technology Showcase with your question or comments about developer opportunities based on Intel technologies