Data Protection for Small Business: Intel Xeon Processor-based Servers

Mother Nature has caused plenty of destruction this Spring across the US, from tornadoes in Alabama to flooding in Tennessee. But it doesn’t take a natural disaster to cause a small business to lose access to its valuable data. According to a recent HP study, 32% of business data loss is caused by human error, 44% of data loss is caused by a mechanical failure, and 1 in 5 computers suffer a fatal hard drive crash during their lifetime.

Data loss can have dramatic impacts on a small business – from lost revenue to damaged reputation to reduced productivity from downtime. This makes it vital to choose a stable, secure IT platform for small businesses – like a server based on the new Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1200 product family. “Real servers” have several advantages vs. desktop systems used as a server. They are designed and built to operate 24x7, with robust cooling systems and power supplies. They support ECC memory, which automatically detects and corrects memory errors to prevent the dreaded “blue screen of death.” And they are validated and optimized to run server operating systems like Microsoft SBS 2011.

The Intel Xeon processor E3 family is an entry-level server platform that enables additional data security and backup features, like Intel® AES-NI, which speeds encryption and decryption, and Intel® Rapid Storage Technology, which simplifies data backup – and also sends an email notification to the server administrator in case of a missed backup. Best of all, servers based on this new processor family don’t cost much more than a desktop system.

Check out this quick video for a humorous depiction of the differences between an Intel Xeon Processor E3-based server and an older desktop system used as a server (I play the role of desktop). Cori and I hope you take the message seriously, though – even a small business needs a real server for data security!