Delivering an Open, Enterprise-Ready Cloud based on OpenStack with Intel and HP

By Jonathan Donaldson, GM Software Defined Infrastructure within Intel’s Data Center Group

Intel and HP recently announced a collaboration on OpenStack, critical to the foundation of HP Helion.

Today’s IT infrastructure is complicated and costly - applications are deployed in silos, legacy infrastructure and practices remain, and the CIO finds themselves spending the majority of their budget just to keep IT running.  While server virtualization is widely understood and deployed today, IT still finds virtualized servers at times less than 50% utilized.  Compounding these challenges is the time, sometimes measured in weeks, to provision the network for a new service and the sheer amount of storage that is required.  There must be a better way, and this is what HP and Intel discussed this week at the HP Discover event in Las Vegas.

To be successful in today’s global, competitive environment, businesses need to view IT as a close partner, and together they must work to deliver new ways to reach and retain customers and suppliers, while fostering a more productive workforce.  IT needs to finds ways to shift their budget to innovation, become a broker of services, and over time evolve from supporting the business, to being the business.

IT transformation to a cloud infrastructure is one of the biggest imperatives today, and it couldn’t come at a better time.  Cloud computing – when IT’s virtualized infrastructure becomes fully automated and orchestrated – will help to eliminate the inefficiencies and manual processes that exist today.  Intel remains committed to working with the broad industry to accelerate the adoption of cloud solutions, and I am pleased to be announcing with HP this week our collaboration on OpenStack, which is critical to the foundation of HP Helion.  This will include engineering efforts to advance OpenStack enterprise readiness focusing on availability, security and ease of deployment.

The companies have a technology development roadmap to pool our resources to accelerate OpenStack maturity.  Initially, we will collaborate to improve code quality and resiliency on all core projects, and augment the capabilities for live migration and hardware meta-tagging. Our efforts will then be fed back into the OpenStack trunk to benefit the entire ecosystem.

Intel will also be a part of HP’s Helion network, and work with like-minded partners to deliver open standards-based hybrid cloud services to meet the full range of enterprises’ in-country and cross-border requirements.  Whether IT chooses to deploy on-premise, utilize a public cloud service, or implement a hybrid model, we expect the benefits to be substantial.   With an OpenStack based solution, IT will be able to deliver varying workloads critical to create business values:

  •   Innovative systems – enables workloads incubated in an agile environment to deliver new capabilities that are quick scaling and fast to market, providing a competitive edge.
  •   Competitive systems – maximizes workloads that are the heart of the enterprise’s market differentiation, with optimized systems and configurations to meet workload specific policies.
  •   Legacy systems – optimizes legacy workloads that are critical for business continuity and allows them to run them as efficiently as possible.

HP and Intel have a long history of collaboration and our continued partnership will help deliver new capabilities to assist IT in their journey to be a services broker and “being the business”.

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