Do you really need a workstation? It depends…..

Do you really need a workstation?  It depends…. While I am biased, the actual investment difference between an entry level Intel-based workstation and an Intel-based business desktop with similar graphics features has compressed so much that today the answer is -------------------------------------yes you really do need a workstation. I was recently at an ISV's user meeting and workstaion vendors were demonstrating visually compelling reasons to make that leap to a workstation from a desktop.   So what is an Intel-based workstation when compared to a business desktop?  Similar to the difference between a professional athlete and recreational athlete; workstations are typically faster and smarter at what they do.  Workstations are purpose built to do a job.  They provide the necessary processing capacity, access to the professional grade graphics adapters and enough expansion to accommodate the memory capacity you need to work with a: • Bigger canvas if your are digital content creator, • Larger assemblies if your are product designer, or • More complete oil reservoirs if you are a geophysicist. But if you want to really increase the pace you can create, you may want to step up to a virtual workbench that delivers near supercomputing performance to your workstation.  That is another blog. To learn which Intel based workstation is best for your needs please use our “Mobile, Professional, Expert—Which processor is right for your workstation needs tool” on