Economic down turn and Linux

Join us at a video webcast where Novell, HP, and Intel, hosted by IDC, bring forward the power of Linux in today’s datacenter.  While we have seen customer’s embrace system refresh as a financial efficiency tool, IDC survey reveals that Linux is a key solution for survival in this economic climate, from front end to mission-critical back end.  The timing to consider Linux on Intel server platforms is right. 

Three speakers from industry leading companies will introduce what innovation in a truly open industry standard environment delivers to datacenter operations by saving money while meeting daunting performance and productivity requirements. 

Intel speaker:  Dylan Larson, Director, SPG Marketing

HP speaker:  Stephen Bacon, Linux Marketing, BCS

Novell speaker:  Justin Steinman, VP Marketing

IDC host:  Al Gillen, Program VP, System Software

The webcast will be held on June 9th, 11am to noon, EDT.