Education at Super Computing 2009

I have to admit, I have never had the opportunity to be involved in HPC, Super Computing, or the communities that have evolved around such things.  My first real experience with it was yesterday at SC09 in Portland, Oregon.  A conference like any other was my thinking.  But, when I started walking around the exhibition area (booths), I was amazed at the number of Universities and education based solutions that were represented.

Here is a quick montage of images that I put together of the educational facilities I saw and took a picture of...


I am sure there are many, many more, but I only captured the few that are represented here.

The one on the bottom left is not really an educational institution, but rather a company that I stopped and talked with for a few minutes.  They essentially offer up their datacenter and supercomputer infrastructure for all the education facilities in the state of Alabama... K-12 and Universities too.

Here is another picture I took of a scout troop that was visiting the event.  What a great opportunity for them to see and hear all about the most powerful computers in the world.

SC09 038.jpg

Here they are again listening (attentively) to a speaker from NASA talkiing about the expansion of the universe and how we study it.

SC09 054.jpg

Education is and should remain a priority for all of us.  This is hopefully a good reminder of that.  It certainly was for me.