Enterprise Adoption a Key Theme of OpenStack Summit: Day Two Report

Two days of OpenStack Summit Paris are in the books, and it’s clear that a differentiator for this conference is a strong voice from enterprise users on their requirements for broad scale deployments. From BMW and Workday to Intel’s very own IT department, I had a chance to chat with the individuals in charge of overseeing OpenStack environments, and a few key themes emerged.


#1. There is no denying the underlying value proposition of OpenStack in the data center as a way to deliver private cloud. Enterprise IT managers know the value of moving in this direction despite the potential pain points in transitioning to an OpenStack environment. 


#2. Early use of OpenStack has helped crystalize the areas needed to drive broad enterprise use. Common themes of stabilization of code delivery, better validation of new versions of OpenStack with a broader data center solution, and support for key features such as fully enterprise-class Neutron networking capability have emerged as a crisp call to action to the industry as the next step in OpenStack maturity. 


#3. There is equal enthusiasm for the value of OpenStack across enterprise and telco, but the fundamental business drivers are unique. While enterprise is aiming to achieve the agility and scale within their environments that the large Web scale data center operators have enjoyed, telco is seeking to simplify and modernize the core network with OpenStack serving as the orchestrator of infrastructure utilizing Network Function Virtualization.


These themes were echoed in Intel’s sponsored panel on OpenStack best practice engagement moderated by Cloud of Data’s Paul Miller and featuring experts from Workday and Numergy. And while both companies are long users of OpenStack with deep dedication to continued innovation on the platform, they call out keeping track of code updates and developing the right talent as two challenges to embracing a new open source solution.


In speaking to industry experts at the event with a strong history in open source engagement, OpenStack could be looked at as a budding teenager on the cusp of adulthood. In some areas there are great signs of what will emerge once some of these topics are addressed, yet the growing pains of evolution of adulthood must be endured. A similar transition was seen in the earlier days of Linux maturity, and with the depth and breadth of industry and user engagement in the OpenStack community, it can be expected that this transition to trusted enterprise and telco readiness is on the horizon.


To learn more about this enterprise perspective check out my livecast interviews with Intel’s Ruchi Bhargava, The New Stack’s Alex Williams, and Mirantis’ Boris Renski.


To discover details of telco adoption progress check out this Q&A with Telefonica’s Francisco Javier Salguero.