Exploring Media Server Success with NFV at Mobile World Congress 2015

By Erin Jiang, Media Processing Segment Manager

As I was flying home from Mobile World Congress last week I reflected on what a great show it was for our virtual media processing and serving technology and how far this technology has come in its evolution.

It wasn't too long ago that video processing required a dedicated appliance. But at MWC, we teamed up with Huawei to demonstrate real-time NFV video conferencing with 4K video processing on an Intel® Core i7 powered high density, power efficient server utilizing the Intel integrated hardware acceleration with Intel Iris Pro graphics and Intel Media Server Studio.

IMG_0133.JPGThe demonstration was part of our collaboration with Huawei to deliver next-generation NFV video and audio processing solutions for the company’s cloud-based media platform.

Based on Intel media server solutions and Intel graphics virtualization technology, Huawei’s server solution delivers high-density video encoding, composition, and decoding on OpenStack-managed virtual machines.

This joint project with Huawei was definitely a highlight, but we had some other noteworthy mobile video service demonstrations in the Intel booth from partners Elemental Technologies, Artesyn Embedded Technologies and Vantrix.

Elemental demonstrated its next-generation software-defined video platform, including its Elemental Live and Elemental Delta products.  Elemental and Intel are collaborating to enable mobile network operators to monetize network investment in new ways with personalized advertising that is customizable by geography, node, device, or even by subscriber.

Artesyn and Vantrix combined their technologies to show virtualized video transcoding for over-the-top services and live/linear video content. This technology packs a very high stream density in a compact form factor and provides both mobile video delivery as well as speech transcoding.

The transcoding server is designed using Intel’s integrated hardware-accelerated graphics SharpStreamer™ edge platforms for cloud-based media processing for cloud RAN and virtual RAN network functions.

With three partners using Intel technology to revolutionize video services delivery, I would say that MWC was a very good show that demonstrated just how far we’ve come and the promise of a great future.