Fall IDF 2009 – Session on Intel(R) Data Center Manager

Given the increasing costs to power and cool data centers, IT and Facility managers of enterprise and cloud data centers want to maximize capacity utilization and reduce total cost of operations. However this has been challenging given the lack of fine grained instrumentation and visibility into server and rack level power consumption resulting in over-provisioning of racks and costly expansions despite unused capacity.

With Intel® Xeon® 5500 series, we introduced Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager that provides server level power monitoring and policy based power capping. Since power and cooling constraints exist at rack, row, room and PDU level, we also released Intel® Data Center Manager to enable ISVs to realize Node Manager benefits at data center level with reduced investment.

Intel® DCM software development kit (SDK) provides power and thermal monitoring and management for servers, racks and groups of servers in data centers using Intel® Xeon instrumentation. Management Console Vendors (ISVs) and System Integrators (SIs) can integrate Intel® DCM into their console or command-line applications and provide high value power management features to IT organizations.

IT organizations facing power and cooling challenges can benefit from:

  • Increased rack density within space, power and cooling constraints through power control
  • Reduced capital costs by right-sizing power and cooling infrastructure based on actual power
  • Reduced operations costs by eliminating worst-case head-room during provisioning

Intel® DCM features include:

  • Built-in policy based heuristics engine maintains group power and dynamically responds to changing loads
  • Designed as an SDK to integrate into existing management software products
  • Scales to thousands of nodes support in large data centers
  • Manages across system vendors through use of standard IPMI and DCMI Power Management support
  • Supports integration with Smart PDU meters for servers without Node Manager to provide a unified view

If you are at IDF in San Francisco Sep 22-24, 2009, stop by following sessions to learn more about Intel® DCM and see proof-of-concepts and meet with end users who benefited from this.

    • PDCS003 - Cloud Power Management with Intel® Micro-architecture (Nehalem) Processor-based Platforms
  • ECTS0004 - Improving Data Center Efficiency with Intel® Xeon® Processor Based Instrumentation

There are also several demos in the showcase area that showcase the technologies from multiple partners.

I will be at IDF co-presenting PDCS003 - stop by after the class with your questions and thoughts about Intel® DCM.
See you at IDF.