Fall IDF: Enterprise Cloud? Are you sure it’s not an oxymoron?

I have a confession to make… Last year was my first IDF. Ever! I had no idea then, that this year I would end up being responsible for a whole track, and sponsoring the Virtualization Community zone. I was lucky that Jake took ownership of the community zone. He assembled a great line-up of demos, from a variety of companies. It should be great, go see!

But this blog is about the Enterprise Cloud track. I set out to make it to represent a theme, rather than a collection of loosely related sessions. In my view, this required a mix of depths – an overview session to explain the concepts alongside deep technical sessions. I also thought it would be a great opportunity to gather some industry leaders beyond Intel to talk about Enterprise Cloud vision and the opportunities it presented for the developers community.

“What is this guy talking about” you must be asking yourself. “What is Enterprise Cloud? Not more hype?!” Well, I think of Enterprise Cloud as a very real vision of the place where actual IT needs meet the aspirations of the Cloud Computing hype.

The Cloud hype is based on some pretty impressive efficiencies that several companies are being told to have achieved. These companies did so by designing custom application to run in their data centers. In some of these cases the data centers and the hardware in them were even custom architected and designed to run these applications. IT wants to gain similar efficiencies. But IT can’t throw away all the legacy applications…

In comes Enterprise Cloud, where IT evolves to gain the efficiencies, without losing the legacy investments…

In the Enterprise Cloud track we’ll cover some of the key technologies that are required for this to happen.

We’ll start with an overview (session ECTS001) on Tuesday at 10:15, where Dylan and I will do an overview of key technology areas: virtualization and performance, Data Center efficiency, evolution of I/O, and security, and why they are critical for the evolution of IT. What will follow are several in-depth sessions that will cover those very topics:

·         ECTS002 – will focus on Intel® Trusted Execution Technology and explain how application can protected in the Enterprise Cloud environment. Check this out in Jim's blog

·         ECTS003 – will cover enhancement for encryption processing in upcoming CPUs. Leslie gives a really great overview in her blog

·         ECTS004 – will talk about technologies to improve Data Center efficiency. David covers one of those technologies here and check out his other blogs as well.

·         ECTS005 – is an in-depth review of Intel’s technologies for virtualization, and will be presented by Intel Fellow Rich Uhlig.

·         ECTS006 – will discuss evolution of I/O, which is necessary to enable IT to gain the desired efficiencies. RK gives an excellent preview in his blog here

·         We also have a Q&A session on Tuesday evening (ECTQ001) to allow an open unscripted conversation with all the track presenters who will be around on Tuesday.

·         Finally, we have a VERY exciting panel (ECTP001, on Tuesday at 5pm). Jake Smith from Intel will lead a discussion with some true industry thought leaders from Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, Sun, and VMware. The Theme of the panel is “Enterprise Cloud – technologies, usages, and opportunities for the developers community”. This should be an exhilarating hour!

Along with a couple of labs this should a great track. See you at IDF… it all starts tomorrow!!!