Fall Intel Developer Forum Server Technology Blogs – What Do You Want To Hear About?

54 days to Fall IDF in SFO!  Perhaps I should be a bit less enthusiastic, as during the course of the next two months, I will be extremely busy working on courses, presentation, demos, web updates and new collateral pieces highlighting Intel’s contributions to server and data center instrumentation, data center efficiency and eco-technology.  In addition to those responsibilities, I have taken on ownership of driving a technology blogging program at IDF, with server technology experts sharing their insights here on Server Room – an opportunity that I am very excited about, but I need your help.

My question to you today is – what would you like to see covered in the technology blogs from IDF?  I am starting the process of recruiting “volunteers” to participate, and understanding what you want to see discussed will help me to get the right people to cover the topics that are compelling to you and hopefully facilitate an interesting dialog that will help you to better understand server technologies.  Since its easy to self-recruit, you will definitely see a blog from me covering instrumentation, Intel Intelligent Power Node Manager and other related technology news @ IDF.

So what do you specifically want to see covered in the IDF blogs?  I look forward to you inputs and hope to see you at IDF!