February 2014 Podcast Round-up

In February, Chip Chat supported the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2 launch, with episodes covering the technology and use cases in retail and financial services. We also continued archiving HP Discover episodes, with episodes on new client devices, the datacenter, workstations, immersive computing and network transformation. And the Digital Nibbles Podcast checks in with some fascinating episodes covering everything from cloud strategy to a new system for digital transactions. As always, leave a comment on this post if you’d like to suggest a podcast topic for either Chip Chat or Digital Nibbles.

Intel® Chip Chat:

  • Live from HP Discover: Innovation in the Client Space – Intel® Chip Chat episode 292: In this archive of a livecast from HP Discover, Claudio Maniscalco, a Technical Account Manager from Intel, stops by to talk about innovation in the enterprise client space. New devices – everything from Ultrabooks to 2 in 1s – are being used in different ways in the enterprise and added capabilities are making the compute experience even more exciting and easier for the end user. Visit www.intel.com/ultrabook for more information.
  • Live from HP Discover: A Balanced Data Center – Intel® Chip Chat episode 293: Dr. Feixiong Liu, a senior technology manager at Intel, stops by to talk about the introduction of HP Proliant Gen8 server platforms featuring Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v2, as well as balancing compute power, storage and networking in the modernized data center. Adding smart storage and fast networking to processing power leads to faster time to market for insights. For more information, visit www.intel.com/datacenter.
  • Live from HP Discover: Telco Transformation with NFV – Intel® Chip Chat episode 294: In this archive of a livecast, Petar Torre, a lead architect in the Service Provider Group at Intel, stops by to talk about working with the telco industry to virtualize network functions on volume/enterprise servers, while addressing specialized issues like network management, regulatory requirements and carrier-grade reliability. He also discusses the Intel® Network Builders program, which helps accelerate adoption of SDN and NFV. For more information, visit http://networkbuilders.intel.com.
  • The Intel® Xeon® E7 v2 Processor Launch – Intel® Chip Chat episode 295: Frequent guest Dylan Larson, the director of Server Platform Marketing at Intel, chats about the launch of the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2 and associated server platforms. These server platforms are the top of the market, offering new levels of capability in terms of massive amounts of memory and processing power, as well as enhanced RAS features. They have been architected from the ground up for mission-critical applications and real-time analytics. For more information, visit www.intel.com/xeon.
  • High Availability and the Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v2 – Intel® Chip Chat episode 296: Michael Steineke, vice president of information technology at Edgenet, stops by to talk about the company’s solutions for software and services in the retail industry (everything from guided and visual selling to product data collection and distribution). Edgenet’s architecture includes NEC hardware based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2, and must be resilient and available at all times so customers never see that anything is wrong, even with a hardware failure. For more information, visit www.edgenet.com.
  • The Financial Services Industry and the Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v2 – Intel® Chip Chat episode 297: Al Chiaradonna, Senior Vice President of the SEI Wealth Platform and infrastructure architect Martin Breslin discuss SEI’s financial services solutions and why technology is a critical enabler in their business. The Cisco UCS* platform, based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2 offers infinite scaling and 24/7 access with the best capabilities at the lowest cost point. It is a multi-year investment in their technology infrastructure, putting SEI ahead of the curve in terms of ability to offer customer services. For more information, visit www.seic.com/wealthplatform.
  • Live from HP Discover: Workstations – Intel® Chip Chat episode 298: In this archive of a livecast, Alan Gibson, a Senior Strategic Initiatives Manager at Intel, stops by to talk about workstations – desktop systems running the Intel® Xeon® processors more commonly found in servers. With more processing power than a desktop, they’re meant to do heavy lifting in industrial and design applications and to be more reliable and accurate. Industries as diverse as manufacturing, media, and healthcare utilize workstations in their design, simulations and rendering. For more information, visit www.intel.com/workstation.
  • Live from HP Discover: Future of Business Devices and Collaboration – Intel® Chip Chat episode 299: In this archive of a livecast, Andy Tryba, the Director of Business Client Strategy & Marketing and GM of Immersive Collaboration at Intel, chats about the immersive technology experience and where we may be headed in the future – for example a conference room that recognizes who is in the room and connects devices for easy file sharing, as well as providing audio translation and note transcription.

Digital Nibbles Podcast:

  • Enterprise Cloud Strategy – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 50: First up this week, Faiz Parkar (@_CloudNinja), a Product Marketing Director from Canopy, stops by to talk about cloud computing and helping enterprises map out a cloud strategy. He sees a growing concern around cloud transparency – enterprises want to know what technologies are at play in their public cloud instance that address security, performance, and compliance issues. Then frequent guest Michael Sheehan (@HighTechDad) chats about his new gig as a staff reporter for IntelFreePress. He recently attended CES and gives an update on hot technologies like wearables and smart devices.
  • A New Decentralized System for Digital Transactions – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 51: First up this week, we have CEO Johann Gevers (@johanngevers) and CTO Chris Odom of Monetas. Based on the Open-Transactions project, Monetas is aiming to be the world’s first decentralized system for financial and legal transactions – a digital contracting platform. They’ve seen interest for a variety of different uses/industries including: money remittance, cell phone providers, banks, consumer applications, and virtual worlds. Then returning guest Gordon Haff (@ghaff), a cloud evangelist at Red Hat, stops by to talk about integration of the entire Red Hat portfolio under the Open Hybrid Cloud umbrella. It’s not a single product, but a set of capabilities to address business problems. He also discusses the current state of IaaS and PaaS and how they will evolve in the future.
  • Cloud Computing Maturity and the Startup Process – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 52: Ruv is in India this week, so Allyson is hosting the program solo. Unfortunately for listener ear drums, we had audio issues with Ben Kepes (@benkepes), a cloud computing thought leader and our first guest. He chats about the WhatsApp acquisition, Box and Dropbox moving toward IPO, what cloud computing companies will be interesting in 2014, and where software-defined networking is moving in the future. Then Shashi Jain (@skjain2), Corporate Innovation Lead at UP Global, joins the program to talk about Startup Weekend – how the process works, what role technology plays (in both the pitched companies and the collaboration of Startup Weekend), successful enterprises that came from Startup Weekends, and how people can get involved.