February 2015 Intel® Chip Chat Podcast Round-up

In February, we finished archiving Chip Chat episodes from the OpenStack Summit and moved onto a few hot topics in the data center: Graphics, big data analytics and Non-Volatile Memory technologies. If you have a topic you’d like to see covered in an upcoming podcast, feel free to leave a comment on this post!


Intel® Chip Chat:

  • Accelerating OpenStack Adoption in the Data Center – Intel® Chip Chat episode 366: In this archive of a livecast from the OpenStack Summit, David Brown, Director of Data Center Software Planning at Intel, stops by to talk about the current explosion of OpenStack adoption within telecommunication and enterprise industries, as well as the expectations for the future of OpenStack development and deployment. David also highlights the Win the Enterprise effort that Intel recently initiated which facilitates the collaboration of 75 different organizations working to drive adoption of OpenStack in the enterprise industry. For more information, visit https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/open-source-openstack.
  • Driving Next Gen Data Centers with Intel® Cache Acceleration Software – Intel® Chip Chat episode 367: Jake Smith, the Director of Strategic Planning for the NSG Storage and Software Division at Intel, discusses Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (CAS) and how it is accelerating the next generation of data centers. He illustrates how performance can be greatly increased for I/O bound and read intensive applications when CAS is combined with Intel® Data Center Family SSDs. Jake explains how utilizing Intel® Cache Acceleration Software can even enable a whole new set of application environments in the data center through tiered storage, tiered memory, cold storage SSDs, and hybrid environments. To learn more, visit www.intel.com and search for Intel® Cache Acceleration Software.
  • Unlocking Big Data with Open Source Solutions – Intel® Chip Chat episode 368: Ziya Ma, Director of Big Data Technologies at Intel, stops by to talk about how open source solutions are enabling enterprise to take advantage of the new concepts coming out of big data. She highlights how Intel is a leading contributor within the overall open source community and is working to accelerate the delivery of different vertical analytics solutions. Ziya also illustrates how Intel® Architecture (IA) based big data solutions provide some of the most complete and easiest big data experiences available.
  • Integrated Graphics in the Data Center – Intel® Chip Chat episode 369: Jim Blakley, General Manager of Visual Cloud Computing at Intel chats about the benefit of having integrated graphics in the data center. He highlights how online gaming, high definition video processing, and visual understanding are all applications that use graphics based technologies and are putting increasing demand for processing and acceleration within the data center. Jim discusses technologies like Intel® Quick Sync Video and Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics and how the industry rapidly moving towards the adoption of these innovative data center graphic processing solutions.