Fewer Servers and Faster Image Loading for CNTV

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cntv.jpgChina’s CNTV is a national TV broadcast organization and a global, multilingual, and multi-terminal public network video service platform. It focuses on interactive A/V content combining both the Internet and the TV network. CNTV needed to speed up average loading time for images from 70 milliseconds to 50 milliseconds to optimize user experience and improve service quality. More images require more servers, so it also needed to reduce server space requirements.

CNTV chose Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series and Intel® Solid State Drives to double access to the image servers’ data and enable each server to accommodate three to four times the original user load.

“With outstanding data accessibility, Intel® SSDs can satisfy CNTV’s stringent requirements for image servers,” explained Bai Jian, executive director of the Operations System Department for CNTV. “Today, not only can each image server accommodate three to four times the original user loads, but data access is also faster."

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