Fostering Evolution and Innovation in the Big Data Ecosystem with Intel & Cloudera

Hadoop Summit 2014 is an excellent opportunity to hear, straight from the elephant’s mouth, about the latest developments in the sphere of big data and the larger Hadoop ecosystem. The open source world of Hadoop is very collaborative and the conference feels more like a developer community meeting than a glitzy sales event. In fact, the democratic spirit extends to selecting the talks and sessions to be presented: Attendees get to vote for which ones are scheduled.

Hadoop Summit is also a chance for Intel to reiterate its big data strategy and provide a roadmap that details our continued support for the open source Hadoop platform. In March, Intel announced that it had entered into a collaboration to join Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop* (CDH) with Intel’s data center architecture based on Intel® Xeon® processors. Intel’s investment in Cloudera is our single largest data center technology investment ever, which speaks to Intel’s commitment to big data technologies. Cloudera will optimize CDH for Intel® architecture as its preferred platform and Intel will promote CDH to its customers as its preferred Hadoop platform. Our alliance with Cloudera is designed to accelerate the industry adoption of the Hadoop data platform and help our combined customer base gain valuable business insights from their big data flows, from a wide range of data sources.

Both Intel and Cloudera remain committed to drive big data innovation through open source technologies. We intend to join forces for the development of necessary foundational technologies for the security (including encryption, access control, and auditing) and optimized performance of Hadoop as a key data center technology. We will also ensure that open source developers continue to have the opportunity to innovate in and on top of the Hadoop platform.

Intel and Cloudera are committed to ramping up the pace of innovation on the Hadoop platform and consolidate our open source development to lessen the chance of code fragmentation. We intend to join our development efforts for Project Gryphon* and Project Impala* to bring full SQL92 compliance to Hadoop, which will enable users to run queries in a Hadoop cluster just as if it were an OLTP database. We will combine our development efforts on Apache Storm* and Apache Spark Streaming* to build in-memory and distributed real-time computation capabilities into Hadoop to power instantaneous analytics and large scale data processing. Intel and Cloudera will also consolidate its work on Apache Tez* and Apache Spark* to improve performance over Hadoop’s original two-stage MapReduce* computing framework. We will also join our development efforts to build a multi-level, coherent security envelope around the Hadoop platform via Project Rhino* and Apache Sentry*. Intel and Cloudera will accelerate investments in Apache HDFS* and Apache HBase* to pursue innovations in distributed file systems and ensure compatibility with the Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre*.

Cloudera and Intel are committed to developing a Hadoop platform that offers faster insights, better security, and less complexity. By maintaining a horizontal, open source platform for big data that is optimized for security and performance across compute, storage, and network infrastructures, we intend to foster evolution and lead innovation in the big data ecosystem.

At the show Intel with have demos highlighting the Intel® Graph Analytics and our Big Data Professional Services. Additionally, Bhaskar Gowda will join a panel with Dell & Cloudera on Thursday 12:35pm to discuss how to “Fine Tuning Your Hadoop Cluster to Increase Performance.”

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