From Big Data to Big Insight: Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop*(IDH) + SAP HANA

Joe Natoli is the Director of ISV Applications as part of Intel’s Data Center Software division.  Joe leads technology development and go-to-market programs which combine Intel technology with partner platforms to create new and innovative solutions.  In his over a decade of work at Intel, Joe has held many roles including architect, engineering manager, and program manager.  When not working Joe enjoys his family, his dogs, martial arts, and the great outdoors of Arizona.


Great partnerships take the strengths of both parties and meld them to create something even better, stronger and faster than could be accomplished alone. Intel and SAP have already been doing this together for a long time. Now we are taking it up a notch to turn big data into big insight by melding the big data powerhouse of the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* (IDH) with SAP HANA--the real-time analytics software preferred by enterprises worldwide. Together, we make big data work faster and smarter so businesses can too.

SAP HANA Brings the Fast, Smart Analytics

SAP HANA provides a platform that intelligently slices and dices mission critical data in real time. Whether it's data about customer relationships, enterprise resources, supply chain management or finances, HANA takes the tough questions businesses ask, mines all of the data available in high speed RAM and presents the answers--actionable knowledge enterprises can put to work right away. SAP HANA has already been optimized to work on Intel's Xeon E7 servers, so it was already providing impressive, actionable knowledge to begin with at a level of performance unmatched by most other technology sets.

The Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* (IDH) Brings the More Scalable, Large Data Platform

Combining the SAP HANA solution with IDH takes enterprises several leaps ahead. IDH is the preferred platform for storing, managing and processing the massive galaxies of structured and unstructured data that are being spawned daily. Because IDH is entirely scalable, enterprises are not hampered by limitations on how much data can be churned through; IDH's cluster-based architecture enables businesses to expand capacity via new nodes without always having to buy more and more infrastructure to manage the proliferating petabytes. With IDH, the capacity is already there--ready to use and grow as the enterprise's needs grow.

Together, We Bring Insight--Fast

So what happens when we bring IDH's big data power together with SAP HANA's smart, real-time analytics? How about this: Before combining SAP HANA with IDH, enterprises were pretty happy to drill through one terabyte of data in four hours. With Apache Hadoop and SAP HANA churning together, that same terabyte can answer your big data questions and serve up powerful business insights in only seven minutes. Just imagine what an enterprise could accomplish with that extra three hours and 53 minutes, armed with real-time, mission-critical insight derived from all the possible data sources!

To Learn More:

Discover more about how IDH and SAP HANA are two great solutions that work great together, by checking out these videos describing the story of how the IDH and SAP HANA solution evolved, and how enterprises can put it to work now; or visit the IDH website.

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