From Cloud Computing to Cocktails: Intel @ HP Discover 2011

Last week, Intel, partners, and customers joined to educate attendees at HP Discover 2011 in Las Vegas throughout June 6-10.  The week was filled with dynamic events that shared new HP products and technologies and the show floor was packed with 154 exhibitors to show and tell why they partner with HP.

Monday night kicked off the week with over three hours of informative and innovative keynotes. Ten thousand anxious attendees filled the keynote hall, which featured four large screens above a wrap around stage. The night was filled with speeches from Léo Apotheker, HP President and CEO; Kirk Skaugen, VP and General Manager of Data Center Group; Bill McDermott, SAP Co-CEO; B. Kevin Turner, Microsoft COO; and innovative guest speaker Don Tapscott, Moxie Software Chairman. For a hint of comedic uplift, comedian Jake Johannsen was also featured during the keynotes.

Monday night’s DISCOVER ZONE reception, sponsored by Intel, was truly an event that no one missed.  The atmosphere was set with glowing red and blue lights, cozy cloud-like chairs, blue Intel-tinis, tasty hors d'oeuvres, and people clustered around their HP notebooks discussing ideas and innovations. Throughout the evening, thousands of attendees buzzed around and networked with one another, as the air was filled with conversation about new technologies.  People explored multiple HP exhibits and partner exhibits such as Intel, SAP, Microsoft, VMWare, Brocade, Emulex, and others. There was over 800 break-out sessions available as well.  Social media teams were speedy with their thumbs to tweet and blog the messages discussed between partner companies, and the pitches of demo stations. A dark ambiance with backdrops of neon colors and dynamic shapes filled the convention center.

Many of the exhibits were active, but Intel’s booth was full of life. Demos included the Intel Cloud Builders eBook, the Security and Compliance in Cloud demo paired with VMWare, the HP Slate 500 Tablet, the Intel® Ethernet Networking for Proliant and Integrity demo, the HP Client Automation with Intel® vPro demo, the Intel® Xeon and Solid State Technology, and the Intel’s High Performance Computing with test driving the race car.

People hovered over the demos, asking intuitive questions and were eager to learn more.

Intel’s Mary Beth Ruecker and Preston Atkinson staffed the Intel® Ethernet Networking for Proliant and Integrity demo. She said that with all of the booth attention, they had some good conversations. “This night we got bombarded with people.  Good level of engagement.  People know that Intel sells networking products, and lots of them use our 10GbE products. Many are happy that Intel has that offering now.”

Billy Cox, Intel’s Cloud Software Strategist, staffed many demos at the Intel booth, but comments specifically on the Security and Compliance in Cloud demo, saying that the most interested industries are healthcare in financial. “Most people want to know ‘don't I trust all my servers? Has it been changed and how do I know? With this migration, how do I use it?’ … they use it for an audit report. You want to be able to prove how things are running, and this proves it.”

Marcel Saraiva’s HP Slate 500 demo was very popular.  Marcel was able to meet and show off the slate to fellow Brazilians like Ken Peck Da Vita and Jessian Cavalcanti, as they talked in their native language and used the Slate like it was their own.

The eventful night was packed with old co-workers reuniting, attendees learning new technologies, and social media teams meeting each other as they tweeted every moment and took notes for later blogs. The ambiance was perfect to start the week of HP Discover 2011.